A luxe brush?  Yes.

It appears not all brushes are created equal.

Brushes are a valuable tool in a climber’s arsenal of gear. The Crux Brush ∆ Slopers are lovingly made of beech wood and long strand boar’s hair. So how is it different? As it has been done for centuries, most brushes are fabricated by drilling holes, then filling each “pot” with the bristle material. You can read the details of the brush's construction at the Crux Brush ∆ Sloper page. While the traditional method is fine for making brushes, rock climbers encounter a myriad of holds and some brushes are insufficient to thoroughly clean the rock of all adherents. Egregious use of chalk will not help in these instances. However, a good brushing can uncover friction or get that bite out of a hold for the send. 


Have you ever been shut down on a problem, then after failure, given the holds a thorough brushing and found that the climb felt a grade or two easier? That is precisely what this workhorse of a brush strives to deliver and easily does a grand job.