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Rock climbing is an inherently dangerous sport.

Those, with whom we climb at the crag, are there for us when we fall. Literally! They are there for us like family. A solid crew goes beyond and helps instill confidence, with words of encouragement, when a climber gets shut down. And they celebrate the sends, as if they had sent themselves. They are the best. This is the beauty of the rock climbing community at large and we celebrate the positive and supportive lifestyle with warm embrace. This is the principle that has become the bedrock of our company. When you meet up with your crew at the crag, you are meeting up with the dearest of friends, who share in your failures and victories. We want to share in those moments with you too. We hope to partake in your wondrous experiences, even if it is in the smallest of ways, as you make your way to the top. 

Much Love,

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